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Daryna Rakhubovska My name is Daryna Rakhubovska.
I am a clinical psychologist and cognitive-behavioral consultant.
Member of the Association of Physicians and Psychologists: "Eating Disorders, therapy and prevention" (Ukraine)

My educational background:

Ukrainian Institute of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Lviv, Ukraine
Schema-therapy in Ukrainian Institute of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Lviv, Ukraine
Kiev Institute of Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy, Kyiv, Ukraine
Compassion Focused Therapy, 1-day seminar by Paul Gilbert, Berlin, Germany
DiplomaCertificateCertificateCertificatesCBT CongressGilbert's seminar

Why CBT?

Cognitive-behavioral therapyCognitive behavioral therapy is a first-line treatment for bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Other mental health issues that can be alleviated with CBT are depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

CBT has following benefits:

- It is short-term and time-bound;
- It is engaging;
- It aims at managing symptoms and avoiding relapse;
- It helps to learn emotion regulation skills and coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations;
- It helps to develop a healthy self-esteem;
- It can help overcome the consequences of emotional trauma;
- By the end of treatment one becomes a therapist for oneself.


During therapy you and I will be partners. I am a cognitive-behavioral practitioner, and you are an expert of your life.
Together we can:
1. Understand the nature of your problem
2. Figure out how to treat it
3. Create a therapy plan
4. Together walk this road
5. Plan a new, freer and happier life

Throughout this process I will always be on your side, supporting you


Daryna RakhubovskaI think that we live in a society that demands us to present an idealized image of ourselves. We are supposed to be effective, productive, and happy all the time. Social media helps to perpetuate this myth: every day we look at somebody else’s perfect life, perfect body, perfect relationships and success. These perfect people never have problems or at least bad days; they are always productive, and even on weekends they manage to run a marathon, to travel or to attend a master-class.

We learn quite early in our lives that what is not "perfect" has to be hidden and retouched: our bodies, our feelings and moods, our true needs and values. It might leave us wondering why, having achieved all that is supposed to make us happy, deep inside we still feel disappointed and lost.

I am deeply convinced that we can be happy and satisfied with our lives only when we accept our authentic selves with compassion and understanding. This acceptance will allow us to make all the necessary changes where they are needed, and make peace with those parts of our lives (and ourselves) which cannot be changed.

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In order to book an online session, please contact me:

☏ +38-099-605-03-26

The first diagnostic session will last for 1 hour 20 minutes, all other sessions – 50 minutes.

The cost of one session is 25 euro.
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